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The choice of trolley travel bag should pay attention to three standards


First: the choice of fabric

There are too many kinds of fabrics nowadays. Apart from the main polyesters, nylons and the like, there are many new types of materials, but invariably, we only need to follow a standard: the fabric should be strong, hard-wearing, not easy to fade, and it is best to be waterproof. Even if it is not waterproof, it must be guaranteed to dry quickly.

Second: Wheels

If there is no wheel, how can we call it a pull rod travel bag? When inspecting the wheel, first see if it is firm and whether the left and right wheels are shaking. See if the surface of the wheel is shiny. Generally luster is made of raw materials, and the surface of the wheel is not shiny, and some of the rough is made of recycled materials, such wheels are certainly not in line with the quality. There is also the need to put the bag on the ground and pull it back and forth to see if the wheels roll smoothly and with no noise.

Third: pull rod

When selecting the trolley travel bag, first see if the tie bar fixed on the bag is firm and whether the pull bar is pulled up and down smoothly. If it is a pull rod with a button, it depends on whether the button will pop up quickly after it is pressed. In addition, the material of the pull rod is all iron, it is still aluminum in the outer iron, or it is all aluminum. All-iron, the price is relatively low, is often used to compare low-priced luggage with high quality and low price. The best material of course is all aluminum. The material is lighter, firmer, not easily deformed, and the cost is relatively high. Bags that use such tie rods are generally not cheap, so they are used in high-end bags; there are also outer irons. Aluminum, the outer tube is iron, the inner tube is aluminum, commonly used in high-end bags

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